10 March 2020

How to write a comment

So you've got to the comments section of your review. What do you put? Well here are some ideas…

What you wish you’d known 🧠

  • Any specific issues you’ve had with your landlord/estates agent that you think are noteworthy (positive or negative)
  • How much are bills?
  • Any cute dogs that live nearby?

The good and the bad 👍🏼 👎🏻

  • Did you get your deposit back?
  • What are the best and worst things about living there?
  • Any hidden payments that cheeky estate agent make you pay? (cleaning fees being one example)
  • How good is the heating?
  • Are the rooms fairly similar or are some notably better than others?
  • Any run-ins with the neighbours that you can say about?

The studenty stuff 🍻

  • Cool places nearby?
  • Any funny stories?
  • Can you have a banging house party and/or is it great for hosting pres?
  • How much noise can you make?

These aren’t a set of rules for you to follow, just anything you think a future tenant should know.

Gus, Zach and Fraser


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