10 March 2020

Student housing horror stories

The chronicles of student housing shockers - the first edition

Student housing is a notoriously shady business. There’s just something about young and inexperienced tenants that encourages landlords to basically stop caring.

I guess our innocence makes us easy targets, a fact not helped by the usual problem solving mechanism of a rant or a trip to the pub, or both…

Whilst such an excursion offers a short-term solution, it does very little to solve the daily struggle of so many students attempting to exist in rubbish houses. This piece is dedicated to these unsung inhabitants. So, without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to share just a few housing horror stories.

The first offender and an all too common problem is, as the residents of 150 Whiteladies road found out… damp.

“Terrible bathroom layout which caused a lot of mould – I believe they painted over it every year and charged the tenants instead of actually sorting it out.”

They go on to say, “Would avoid digs (the agent) like the plague.”

Making matters worse are some of the solutions agents come up with…

“We had one incident where I was hoovering cobwebs from the corners of the room and a massive chunk of wallpaper came off because it was SOAKING wet.

I asked for a dehumidifier and got an industrial one which costed me more electricity than I care to think about but at least they responded!”

One silver lining is that whilst damp makes properties uninhabitable for humans, some slimy tenants love it. “We had slugs, the whole Flat was mouldy and damp.” Lovely 🙃.

One issue that any flat inhabitant can sympathise with is the ungodly noises the neighbours can make. The residents of Eaton Crescent seem to know this all too well…

“If you live under a house full of dickhead boys like us, you will be kept awake by partying at inconsiderate hours and by loud squeaky beds. ”

“… However, these squeaky sessions never lasted long so I feel sorry for the girls involved… “

“Overall, nice and cute flat in a good location but shitty renters and risks with who you’re getting upstairs”

Well, like the residents of the top floor of Eaton Crescent this short article must now come to an end. The good news is you can help your fellow student by joining our community and leaving a review on our site and together, we can make housing horrors a thing of the past.

Before that happens though, we’ll be back with more stories shortly 💪



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