10 March 2020

Welcome to unirent!

unirent has arrived! But what is it and how can we help you?

It’s no secret that some student houses are terrible. We’ve had friends who’ve lived in houses with mould, rats, soviet-era heating and had to put up with highly inefficient landlords (putting it politely).

Whilst in our first year, we set out to rent houses for ourselves and like most students, headed over to Rightmove.

We quickly realised that we weren’t getting the information we really wanted.

We wanted to know the average response time of the landlord, the closest Wetherspoons and whether you could heat the house without the boiler exploding.

It was around this point we realised that students can help each other out big-time. No one really knows what a house is like to live in until they do. So we think that by sharing experiences we can help students find houses that they can make a home, without some serious detective work.

We’ve created a review that you can fill out (completely anonymously we promise) about your experience and then post to our website. Prospective tenants can then use this to make a decision on where they want to live. So if you’ve had a great experience whist in your house, or a terrible one, head over to our ‘leave a review page’ and join our community.

What’s next? 🚀

Over the next few months, we’re going to try to build up the number of properties on our site in Bristol and Bath. The more properties added the more useful we become. While we’re focusing our efforts in the southwest for the moment, if you’re from another Uni please leave a review, we’ll be heading up to you soon! (hopefully in six months)

We’re also going to improve our site to make it far and beyond the best place to find a student house.

What you can do right now? 💬

Besides leaving a review, we would love any feedback you have, positive or negative. If you have any idea for improvements we’d love to hear via the email below! We’re students building this for students and that’s at the heart of every decision we make.

All the best,

Zach, Fraser and Gus


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