5 bedroom flat

    ppm/pp *£700



    5 doubles - 0 single

    Modern - Spacious


    2 toilets

    2 showers - 0 bath

    Living Space

    5+ people



    Can fit 2-3


    Managed by J Aland Lettings - 2.5 stars | 7 reviews

    In general, this is a good agent. However, sometimes students have had issues with their deposits being unfairly taken.


    Damp - No problems

    Pests - No problems

    Security - No problems

    Utilities - No problems



    £3500 deposit*


    Bills not included



    3 Average | 3 reviews







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    The flat is in a superb location in the centre of Bath with views of Kingsmead Square that cannot be challenged. Although the location is central, the noise hasn't seemed to be an issue with double glazed windows all around the property and only the odd issue with shouting in the streets late at night. The property itself is quite compact with all 5 bedrooms next to each other in a L shape with the kitchen come living area at the far end of the property. The rooms are spacious and we had no problems with deciding who got which room as we were all happy with whichever we were in. There is also a large storage cupboard and the basement of the flat has bike storage is needed. The flat, unlike many student houses around Bath keeps its heat well. We hardly have to heat the flat which saves us money with bills and with the price of rent being as high as it is, this is a bonus. There are also a few downsides to the property. Obviously the price is very high for a student property and for this price, you would expect that if there were any issues then they would be fixed relatively quickly. The agency have been pretty lacklustre, especially during a period when we had a water leak causing one of the showers and toilets to be unusable for a significant period of time. There is a dishwasher in the kitchen which is very convenient however the washing machine is located in the basement and has to be paid for separately with a laundry card. This is a hinderance but you get used to it. Overall the flat has been a really good place to live but the cost is the main issue. As with most of the student property market in Bath, the agency's and landlords are oblivious to what students can afford and have increased the already high rent cost. As far as I'm aware they haven't been able to find tenants for next year yet, even though most student housing is sorted before Christmas time. We are not surprised by this.

    Tenant 2

    Great Flat in the centre of town - everything is a stone throw away. Ideal for post placement students wanting to get the most out of final year. The negatives are that it’s expensive and washing machine/ tumble dryer are circuit laundry. However, the flat is modern, bedrooms are spacious and the kitchen/ living area is great for socialising and is well equipped. Can see Komedia from the flat and the bus stop is 3 mins walk away.

    Tenant 3

    Great location and we had a fun final year here till Covid 19 took us all down :( The flat is nice and quite modern, and being right in the centre of town and near so many pubs and Komedia obviously is outstanding. However, its super expensive and I wouldn't necessarily say it's value for money (and they've just upped the prices again for next year...!) - Kitchen and living room area is one joint room and is pretty small - the bedrooms are nice but compact - the washing machine and dryer is in basement, you have to pay per wash and there's only one for the whole building of roughly 30 tenants. - the letting agency managing the building were pretty useless - a bathroom had a leak and they took 8 weeks (8 weeks!!!) to fix it. They then promised compensation as an apology which we never received. - there are no carpets or curtains (blinds instead) so it does get pretty dusty - it can be noisy outside at night but you do get used to it - the big storage cupboard (the only place to store anything as it's a small flat) can apparently no longer be used for storage due to health and safety reasons (??) meaning there's nowhere to put stuff - having a dishwasher is helpful - a funny cricket video we took in the flat has reached over 100,000 views on facebook and twitter so its kinda famous Overall, despite all the annoying things wrong with the flat, I would probably choose to live here again if I were to restart the year (tbf my parents paid my rent though)

    * These are our last known prices