3 bedroom flat

    ppm/pp *£500



    1 double - 2 singles

    Outdated - Cramped - Damp


    2 toilets

    1 shower - 1 bath

    Living Space

    5+ people

    Cosy - Dated - Comfortable - Great For Hosting


    Can fit 1-2

    Lacks Appliances - Dated

    Landlord Information - 1 stars | 1 review

    Students have had serious issues with this landlord in the past.


    Damp - Major

    Pests - No problems

    Security - Major

    Utilities - No problems



    £500 deposit*


    Bills not included



    0.5 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    Great location (although at the top of Lansdowne road so a big hill). Big differences between bedrooms - room at the front very draughty and the wall was extremely damp with wall paper peeling off consistently. Landlord repeatedly refused to acknowledge the draughts existed until the council came round to check for an HMO license (to be continued...) middle room very very nice and big with a walk in wardrobe and double bed. End room was cold, damp and draughty single bed room with en-suite bathroom. HMO people came round and confirmed that the flat was not fire safe (the front door lock was completely unsuitable), had draughts and should not be occupied by us 3 unless HMO license was paid. Landlords response was to attempt to fix everything himself which he did very unsuccessfully, to refuse to fix the windows, just telling us to get a draught excluder even though the council had told us that the windows needed to be replaced. He then came round telling us that one of us would have to move out , we said absolutely not, he then made us write to the council asking them to let us stay in this unsafe house as we were approaching our finals and couldn’t become homeless...(absolute joke). THEN he tried to take some of our deposit (for ASBOLUTELY no reason e.g. 2 tiny spots of blue tack on the wall in my room - the wallpaper was completely peeling off due to the damp which Mr Cicirello was well aware of having attempted to apply chemicals to it throughout our tenancy , and “leaving the cupboards in the kitchen full” (there was one box of uncooked lasagne sheets)). Landlord would not enter into discussions re deposit and refused to give it back to us. The deposit was then kept in the deposit “protection” scheme (which is actually useless) for 6 months where the ball was in the landlord’s control for him to take action in the courts if he felt he should do so. He of course didn’t and we finally received our deposit in February. would not recommend to a friend.

    * These are our last known prices