4 bedroom house

    ppm/pp *£500



    4 doubles - 0 single



    2 toilets

    2 showers - 0 bath

    Living Space

    5+ people

    Great For Hosting


    Can fit 3+

    Lacks Appliances - Modern

    Managed by Andrew Walker Lettings - 1 stars | 1 review

    Students have in the past have had issues with communication and the returning of deposits from this agent.


    Damp - No problems

    Pests - Minor

    Security - No problems

    Utilities - No problems



    £525 deposit*


    Bills not included



    2 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    The property itself is great for hosting people, as well as in a very central location it’s spacious basement you can afford to move the furniture around to fit your hosting needs. As a future inhabitant I would recommend that you are very careful with the letting agency and get everything in writing to avoid extra charges. They charged for 2 extra holding deposits when changing the names of people initially, after we had gone to the office to ask for a name transfer and they agreed to not charge us extra for that. The cracks started to show really early with a sewage problem we had with all the sinks and showers that wouldn’t drain. This had been discussed on email and upon all 4 inspections. They would use pipe unblocker and never investigate the route of the problem so we would routinely have to get a bucket to empty our dirty sink and throw it out the door when it filled. The pipe under the sink also broke and this was broken and leaking filling buckets for around 2 months, this left mould under the sink area. There would often be rats and flies around the back of the house where the rubbish were kept. The icing on the cake was that our Carbon Monoxide alarm went off a total of 3 times, the first time was late at night causing us to evacuate and call emergency services. They detailed that the levels of CO was dangerously high due to the gas hobs being at an unsafe level, then Andrew Walker lettings called their private gas man who also said this, following a phone call to Simon Hosking the landlord he deemed this to be fine and left. We bought our own CO detector and this went off a following two times causing them to come twice more only to get nothing done. These people were playing with our lives. Finally we had used a professional carpet cleaner and left the house with no damage - the cleaning bill was £600 which we then contested. I would avoid using Andrew Walker in future, he is sarcastic and patronising when dealing with serious issues made us contact our own maintenance men because he doesn’t take requests seriously.

    * These are our last known prices