3 bedroom flat

    ppm/pp *£415



    3 doubles - 0 single

    Outdated - Cramped


    1 toilet

    1 shower - 1 bath

    Living Space

    1-2 people

    Cramped - Grotty


    Can fit 1-2


    Landlord Information - 2.5 stars | 2 reviews

    This landlord has had mixed reviews some tenants have described him as great whereas others have rated him very badly.




    Damp - No problems

    Pests - No problems

    Security - No problems

    Utilities - No problems



    £415 deposit*


    Bills not included



    1 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    The only good thing about the house is the location. The house is in extremely poor condition and the landlord has taken very little effort to keep it well maintained. There were several issues with the house and landlord that lead me to have to vacate the property halfway through the year. I will attempt to summarise here. Firstly, when I moved into the upstairs room, I started getting itchy rashes and soon discovered there was a bed bug infestation in my room. The landlord didn't seem to care at all and I had to persistently beg him to do something about it, after some time he opted for the cheapest pest control option that takes a month to take effect. This didn't work and despite me expressing to him on several occasions how badly the bed bug issue was affecting my sleep and wellbeing, he would only get angry with me and even shouted at me in person and down the phone. I told him there are more effective pest control methods but he opted for the month-long option again which failed again. Eventually, I got so fed up of living there I decided I had to leave for my own health - I couldn't concentrate at uni due to constant itching from the bites and lack of sleep due to anxiety around the infestation. The landlord made it clear I would have to continue paying rent, I felt the situation was unjust so went to the university accommodation office for advice. Long story short, after a battle that nearly ended up in court, he eventually agreed with the accommodation office that I wouldn't have to pay rent as long as someone was living in the room in the next two months. This was a morally tricky situation to be put in as I didn't want to anyone to go through what I did, but I also couldn't afford to pay the rent of the room as well as in the new house I was planning on moving to. My housemate had a friend that was desperate for a place to live after some issues in his own house and despite my concerns he decided to take the room... the landlord had told him that a third spray would be done and so the bed bugs would be gone... unsurprisingly this didn't work again and this new tenant moved out too. Eventually the infestation moved into the room directed above me in flat 4B. I'm not sure what happened after that as I haven't contacted the new tenants. There were several other issues while we were there which are too many to list but another one in particular was a strange smell that came from the sink that we told the landlord about, he kept telling us just to put bleach down it, however despite doing this several times, the smell persisted. It took me demanding that he got a plumber for him to take it seriously. When the plumber eventually came, he told us it was a lot more serious that expected and he had to take out the entire floor boarding in the kitchen and hallway because there was a waste pipe LEAKING OUT causing the smell, so god knows what that would've done to us if it'd got any worse. In conclusion, even if the bed bug situation has been sorted and maintenance improved, I would urge you to stay away from this landlord, he comes across as very pleasant when you first meet him, but as soon as you ask him to do even the most basic of landlord duties, his personality switches and becomes aggressive and defensive, trying to get him to do something about the bed bugs was emotionally exhausting and saw a very dark side of him that is not fit to be in any sort of duty of care. He was blinded by greed and was often away on holiday, and we weren't allowed to contact him during these times. AVOID AT ALL COSTS! all the issues were hazy in the contract and housing law so you will have little to protect / stand up for yourself with.

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