4 bedroom house

    ppm/pp *£498



    4 doubles - 0 single

    Spacious - Cramped - Damp


    2 toilets

    2 showers - 1 bath

    Living Space

    3-4 people

    Cosy - Comfortable


    Can fit 1-2

    Well Equipped

    Landlord Information - 1 stars | 1 review

    Students in the past have had serious issues with this landlord.




    Damp - Major

    Pests - Major

    Security - No problems

    Utilities - No problems



    Unknown deposit*


    Bills not included



    1 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    Location wise we were not advised that the property is opposite a bail house where people who are homeless and released from prison live so they can cause a fair amount of disturbance. Very bad mould issues in upstairs bedrooms which partly come from one of the bedrooms being tiny and not even sure if it is the legal regulation size for a uni student bedroom as it only just fits a double bed with no space for wardrobe or anything else. Landlord decided to pass communications through to Bristol Student Lets agents a month into our tenancy who have been awful to deal with frankly. For most of the year responses to issues have taken a very long time for example when it took over a week for pest control to be sent for one mouse allowing them to breed and make the issue much worse (pest control man told us it was shoddy workmanship that allowed mice in under the floorboards when replacing boiler). We were without a washing machine for 2 weeks. Turned up at the door with viewings without sending notice and expected to be let in. To top it off two tenants sent our last rent payment by standard order to receive a hostile accusatory email the next day saying we had not paid and if we did not reply in a matter of hours then our guarantors would be chased for the money. (this was during the coronavirus when we legally were allowed to defer our rent payments anyway had we wished!) Explained that the mistake was on their end and didn’t appreciate the insensitive emails and was told “cest la vie it’s part of the job” honestly incredibly rude would never want to deal with this letting agent again. This is the exact reason we chose to rent privately through a landlord so our issues could be fixed quickly but being passed over to a letting agent within the first month and the following service confirmed how bad they are!

    * These are our last known prices