4 bedroom flat

    ppm/pp *£450



    4 doubles - 0 single

    Noisy - Outdated - Cramped - Damp


    1 toilet

    1 shower - 0 bath

    Living Space

    3-4 people

    Cramped - Grotty - Unfurnished


    Can fit 1-2

    Lacks Appliances - Dated

    Landlord Information - 1 stars | 1 review

    This is a poor landlord. Previous tenants said they were slow to respond to maintenance issues and had poor communication.


    Tumble Dryer


    Damp - Major

    Pests - Minor

    Security - Major

    Utilities - No problems



    £450 deposit*


    Bills not included



    1.5 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    This flat was horrific. We had problems from start to finish from damp, to roof leaks in our bedrooms, to a powercut which wiped out our heating, hot water, all electrics, oven and fridge/freezer. Our landlord would take weeks to respond to these issues, once claiming he didn’t have to deal with a powercut because it was the weekend even though it meant we had no light could not shower and cook and our freezer food defrosted and had to be thrown out. He also claimed he didn’t know where the fuse box was anyway. When we moved in the flat was filthy, with cigarette butts and similar everywhere. We left it immaculately clean when we left, but he still charged us, including a significant amount for leaving unused cleaning products, which we left with his permission, thinking they could be useful to him. When questioned on this and sent pictures proving we left the flat in a significantly better state than we received it, he told us we could take him to court (knowing we wouldn’t because we are students). He then ceased all contact, refusing to return the remainder of our deposit for the next 8 months despite many many emails, texts and phone calls. During this time, we contacted the deposit scheme which was named in our lease contract, only to find he had kept the money personally despite contractually stipulating that our deposits would be protected in a scheme. When we asked for proof of deposit scheme. He ignored our inquiries. The flat itself is disgusting, grotty. The minimal furniture there is is dirty, dangerous and broken. The flat leaks from the flat above and into the flat below. However, even if this flat was Buckingham Palace, I assure you it is not worth it to have to deal with this landlord. Honestly just a terrible landlord/conman, don’t want anyone else to go through what we had to!

    * These are our last known prices