4 bedroom flat

    ppm/pp *£479



    4 doubles - 0 single

    Noisy - Outdated - Damp


    2 toilets

    2 showers - 1 bath

    Living Space

    5+ people

    Dated - Great For Hosting - Grotty


    Can fit 2-3

    Lacks Appliances - Modern

    Landlord Information - 3 stars | 1 review

    Students in the past have had multiple issues with this landlord.




    Damp - No problems

    Pests - No problems

    Security - Minor

    Utilities - No problems



    Unknown deposit*


    Bills not included



    1.5 Average | 1 review







    Social Space




    Tenant 1

    Location is really great, just opposite Redland park and a couple mins away from cheltenham rd. It has a front paved terrace thing, which is a bit disgusting but can be used in the summer for drinking on. When moving in, landlord had not cleaned any of property. Lots of furniture was broken (plus door handles), which took a week or so to replace. Landlord also wasn't told when we were arriving by the letting agency (letting agency forgot to tell him), so he wasn't even aware of what was happening. However, 'luckily' he lives just down the road... Landlord pretends to be "very ill" to get out of fixing things or discussing improving the property. He has also visited and shouted about noise from downstairs neighbours. He also pretended not to understand how mobile phones work and told me he was a doddery old man who doesn't know how things work, but proved quite contactable and responsive via telephone... He told me he owns multiple student properties and it is apparently his only job. He's not horrible; he's just very lazy. The property is crumbling and he does the bare minimum to stop it falling apart. He has a really nice handy man who fixes things. However, even the handy man had to tell the landlord to fix certain things so as to keep the property legally safe, which he resisted on. All the ceilings are made of styrofoam-type material, like in an office, which means that when the upstairs had a problem with their bathroom, all the water came through the ceiling. There is a bit of mould all over the place but nothing too out of the ordinary for a student shithole. Due to very thin walls and terrible ceiling, you can hear everything upstairs and within your own apartment. Final note, neighbours downstairs (young profesh couple who own their flat) are pleasant enough but they are in constant communication with the University, apparently having a history of years of noise complaints. They didn't allow us to have a birthday party on the weekend, even after asking weeks in advance... Threatened to call police if it went past 11.

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